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Monticello Railway Museum

So what was the purpose of the CCY car storage expansion? A world-class wood shop of course!

The wood shop also has a wonderful dust-collection system. Here you can see some of that still being installed.

Looking south in the new wood shop towards the door to the machine shop.

The big band saw seen here was really for the machine shop. We got a new band saw recently for use with wood.

The dust collection system was not hooked up yet to many of the machines shown here.

In this view, you can see part of the mezzanine on the west side of the shop, near the top of the photo.

In the background of this shot, you can see the vertical panel saw that was new at this time.

The new table saw has a VERY large table to work with. Whole sheets of plywood can be accommodated.

The second part of the new space is a "wooden car shop". Most of our wooden cars were in this structure to begin with. This is the view from the door as you walk into this area.

Part of the dust collection system for the wood shop resides on this side of the dividing wall. You can also see here the two "ships ladders" that provide access to the mezzanines on either side of the wood shop.

The track inside the wooden car shop is long enough for two cars to be worked on simultaneously.

View back to the west side showing more dust collection gear.

Under the ships ladder on the east side of the space, looking north.

Looking south from the north end, this space is a wonderful addition to our facilities. Allowing volunteers to work year-round is a huge advantage.

We temporarily stored rolls of carpet here that ended up in the new dining car (4110).

Looking south again from the north end. This was before any cars occupied this track.

Looking south again, slightly different angle.

Looking west from the north-east corner of the space. Secondary exit is visible here.

Overhead view from the east platform to that side's mezzanine.

Looking from the east mezzanine over to the west one.

Looking from the east mezzanine platform to the west one.

Another overhead view of the wooden car shop area.

Looking down on the wood shop from the east mezzanine.

Another view of the wood shop from overhead.

Empty space on the east mezzanine. It didn't stay empty for long!

Another view of the east mezzanine.

The west mezzanine already had some shelves up at this time.

Another view of the shelves.

Again looking down, this time from the west mezzanine.

Another downward view from the west side.

"These mezzanines are a great place to store parts for all of our projects. But it's never enough space!

The Monticello Railway Museum depends upon many sources of income to acquire, restore, maintain and operate the museum and we welcome donations. Donors help fund and facilitate many projects at the museum and provide income above and beyond train tickets, gift shop sales and membership dues.

While our volunteers perform the majority of the required labor for restorations at the museum, the need for money to purchase materials and equipment is increasing. Now that work on steam locomotive #401 is complete, the amount of consumable shop materials used is increasing. For example: acetylene and oxygen for the cutting torch; drill bits and cutting tools for the machine shop; grinding wheels and wire wheels for metal preparation and LP gas for heat to allow our volunteers to work during the winter are costing several-hundred dollars each month.

A gift donation towards restoration work would be greatly appreciated. In addition, thoughtful family members, in your name, can make a donation to the museum.

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