Monticello Railway Museum

Throttle Time

Ever wanted to operate a diesel locomotive? Our Throttle Time program lets you try your hand at being a locomotive engineer using a vintage diesel locomotive.

MRM Throttle Time sessions are conducted on the last weekend of April, first weekend of November, and on most Saturdays between May and October. For a $120 donation to the Museum, you will get to spend 30 minutes observing and learning how to operate one of the Museum's diesel locomotives, then 30 minutes under the supervision of a Museum engineer, where you get to sit at the locomotive's controls and run a train.

The engine used for the sessions may be Wabash F7 #1189 built in 1953, Milwaukee Road NW-2 #1649 built in 1947, Illinois Central GP11 #8733 rebuilt in 1980 from a GP9 originally delivered in 1958, or Canadian National FPA-4 #6789 built in 1959. Equipment used is always subject to change due to availability.

You must be at least 18 years old and be physically able to enter the locomotive cab and operate the controls to participate in Throttle Time.

Happy railroading! For additional information, contact John Downing by email at or by phone at (217) 762-9357.